Dear ninth-grader!

You will get a basic secondary education soon – you will finish nine grades. The first serious choice will appear before you: is it time to think of choice of profession? And what speciality to choose? To facilitate a choice, our educational institution offers consulting classes for pupils of the 9th grades which take place once a week on Sunday. Classes are given by highly skilled teachers. They help pupils to systematize the school program and to acquire a training material, and also to be successfully prepared for the state final certification.
The success of everyone depends on where, well and why he gets knowledge as far as he will be able to use them in the practical sphere and how high his capability will compete in society.
Consulting classes in Ukrainian language and mathematics are carried out according to programs of admission examinations to SC NUFT. Visit of these occupations allows the school student to be prepared for admission examinations much better.
Consultations with teachers will help to master a training material on the instructions of those levels of complexity which will be taken out in materials of admission examinations.
Final training on materials similar introductory, will allow the future arriving to get acquainted with the mechanism and rules of carrying out entrance tests in SC NUFT.
High-quality preparation for admission examinations requires a conscientious attitude of a training material arriving to studying on mathematics and Ukrainian language. Diligence arriving and visit of consulting occupations considerably is increased by its chances to take high line items in the rating list.